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Memorial Sky Lanterns - Eco Friendly

Our "In Memory Of" Sky Lanterns can be a beautiful way to honor and remember loved ones who have passed.

Over the years, many of our customers have used our premium sky lanterns at memorials and funerals to commemorate the passing of loved ones, or to add something special and beautiful to the memorial service. We are indeed honored that so many people have chosen our sky lanterns for this purpose, and hope that our memorial sky lanterns can help to respectfully commemorate the passing of your loved one, and that your wish will come true for them in heaven.

Our Memorial Sky Lanterns produce a stunning glow when launched into the night sky, and can travel a great distance before gently making its descent after the fuel cell has burned out.

These sky lanterns are white in color with the phrase " In memory of those who have left us, may this light rise to the heavens to shine with you through all eternity " printed on two sides. They come with an area at the top to write someone's name. Designed for day or night use. Launch one at a time or several of these lanterns for an unforgettable experience.

Our entire line of premium ECO sky lanterns are completely biodegradable! The flame retardant tissue paper breaks down quickly. The bamboo frame will rot. The fuel pad is attached to the lantern frame in our premium ECO sky lanterns using fire resistant string or thin biodegradable wire. Neither will burn, and both are capable of holding fuel cell while it burns. After they burn out, and come back to the ground, these sky lanterns begin to biodegrade almost immediately.

Size: About 14 inches diameter at the bottom, 34 inches diameter at the top, and 40 inches tall.

Each lantern folded flat, wrapped in plastic.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Sky lanterns should never be flown when there is any noticeable wind present. Wait for a calm day. Wind may blow the sides of the sky lantern in, forcing the hot air out and causing the sky lantern to fall back to earth, possibly causing a fire. Only buy and use fire-retardant sky lanterns like we sell at

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