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Ordering, Shipping, Delivery Time

No Hassle Returns


Sparkler Questions

Sparkler Sizes

Safety, Legality

Lighting and Using Sparklers

Ordering, Shipping, Delivery Time

Will my order arrive in time? When?

Just enter your zip code below to find out.

  • For deliveries Tuesday--Saturday, choose Ship to my Home
  • For deliveries Monday--Friday, choose Ship to my Business.

Do you ship to my state?

We ship to all addresses inside the contiguous 48 US states. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, or any foreign countries.

Where is my order being shipped from?

Your order will be shipped from our warehouse in Purcellville, Virginia.

Where is WeddingSparklersDirect located?

Our warehouse and offices are located in Purcellville, Virginia.

Can I pick my order up at your warehouse?

Yes. Here's the fastest way.
  • Place your order online.
  • Pick any shipping method (don't worry; we won't actually ship it to you).
  • In the Comments section of your order, tell us you want to pick your order up at our warehouse.
  • Complete your order.
  • Find your order confirmation email and email it to us. Tell us when you want to pick up your order.
  • We will email you back to confirm the pickup time and date, and send you directions to the warehouse.
  • Or call us to confirm.

Can you overnight my order to me?

  • Sparklers: No, sorry. Federal regulations do not permit sparklers to be shipped on airplanes.
  • Other Products: Yes, most of them can be shipped to you overnight. But butane lighter fuel and confetti cannons cannot be shipped by air.

Can you or I ship my order outside of the US?

Sorry, but does not ship any orders outside of the 48 contiguous US states. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or any US Territories.

You can ship or carry these products to destinations outside the US: balloons, hanging lanterns, water lanterns, candle bags, LED candles.

You cannot ship these products by air; and they cannot be packed in your checked or carryon bags: sparklers, confetti cannons, lighters with fuel in them, or fuel for lighters.

No Hassle Returns

Do you have a guarantee?

Absolutely! Our products are unconditionally guaranteed for 365 days from the date of your purchase (your invoice date).

What is your return policy?

You can return any unused products you buy from anytime within 365 days from the date of your purchase (invoice date). Sparklers must be returned in the retail packaging you received them in (sleeves or boxes). Do not remove them from their sleeves or boxes of 8 before returning them to us. Email or call us for an RMA number before returning your order. Please include a copy of your original invoice if you still have it. You can ship them by any ground method (not by air.). We will refund the purchase price and any sales tax of the items you send back to us. We do not refund any shipping charges.


How do I know your sparklers are high quality?

We provide sparklers for more than 10,000 weddings in the US every single year. And we do everything possible to make sure that the sparklers you receive will do everything you expect of them and more.

You have our 365-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with them for any reason, just return the unused products for a full refund.

Read what our customers say on Facebook posts and customer reviews about all our products. You can find reviews at the bottom of each product page, like this one.

The sparklers you get from us are specifically designed to be used in weddings. They are all hand made with steel wire--to prevent burning clothing and skin--instead of cheaper wood sticks, which drip sparks and ashes. They produce the least amount of smoke. They are double dipped to provide a larger sparkler effect. They are made to burn long enough so that you can stage your sparkler sendoff and have time to get all those one-of-a-kind photos that we know you want.

Don't take our word for it. If you have time, buy sparklers from anywhere else and compare them to ours. If you don't like our sparklers, return them for a full refund.

But remember one thing. It takes more than high quality sparklers to create a successful, beautiful sparkler sendoff when you exit your wedding reception. Take a few minutes to learn how it's done by reading Turbo Sparkler Lightups.

Sparkler Questions

Will the sparklers burn long enough?

Yes, as long as you order the right sparklers. To stage a sparkling exit from your wedding reception, you need sparklers which will burn for about 3 minutes. As long as you get the longest sparklers made--our #36 Gold Wedding Sparklers--you will have time. Remember, you need enough time to hand the sparklers out, to get them all lit and burning at the same time, and still have time for the bride and groom to walk through the sparkler line and pose for pictures.

What do the different sparkler numbers mean?

Sparklers come with different "model numbers" according to their length. So a number 36 sparkler is about 35-36 inches long. Actual length may be slightly longer or shorter than the model number. The length refers to the total length of the sparkler. Part of that length is the bare wire handle part, and part of the length is a sparkling pyrotechnic composition. What matters to you is how long that pyro composition burns.

The different sparkler lengths were created to have different burn times. Although we do carry 3 different lengths, 70% of our customers order #36 sparklers because they want to have the longest time possible to set up their sparkling exit from their wedding.

Here are the burn times for the sparklers we offer:
  • #36 -- about 190 seconds
  • #20 -- about 105 seconds
  • #14 -- about 55 seconds
  • Heart Shaped -- about 65 seconds

What is the difference between the sparklers you offer?

Mostly length and burn time. The higher the model number, the longer the sparkler and the time it burns. All of our sparklers are made the same way--double dipped sparkling pyrotechnic composition on a sturdy steel wire, so they do not drop ashes and burning embers. But our double dipped #36 Sparklers have a thicker, sturdier wire, and the brightest sparkle effect.

Which sparklers should I get?

If you want to stage a sparkler sendoff, which looks like this...

...the best sparkler to order is the #36 Gold Wedding Sparkler. It is the only sparkler we carry which burns long enough to get the whole sendoff line set up, everyone lit up at the same time, and still have time enough for bride and groom to pose for the prettiest photographs from your whole wedding.

How many sparklers do I need?

For #36 sparklers, all you need is one sparkler per invited guest.

Of course, by the end of the night, some guests will be gone. But you will need extras for practicing at your rehearsal or with your photographer, for lighting the sparklers, or for special poses or sparkler writing the bride and groom may want to stage in private with the photographer, like these:

If you are using sparklers shorter than #36, order 2-3 sparklers per invited guest. But we do not advise using them for sparkler sendoffs. They are not as safe to use, have shorter handles, and are not as bright. And many of them will burn out before the whole sendoff is finished. The result is that photographs are not as bright and pretty as they are with longer sparklers. But if you're on a really tight budget, you may have to go with shorter sparklers.

Are the sparklers smokeless?

Even though you will see them advertised, there is no such thing as a smokeless sparkler. But our steel wire sparklers produce the least amount of smoke. And, as you can see from the many wedding pictures, the little bit of smoke they make is almost never a problem.

Smoke & Safety Warning: Cheap wooden sparklers produce a lot of smoke and are dangerous to use in weddings. Do not use them--they drop burning ashes and start fires.

What color do sparklers burn?

In photos, they can and do look silver. But up close our sparklers burn with a light gold color.

So-called "colored sparklers" are not really sparklers. They are a kind of firework on a wooden stick which burns in different colors--but without any sparkly sparks. They are very smoky, their wooden sticks drop burning ashes, and their colors do not show up in photos very well. Considered too dangerous and a no-no for weddings.

Do you have silver sparklers?

No. There are no silver sparklers available in the US, due to government restrictions on chemicals allowed to be used in sparklers. Even though our sparklers burn gold, in photos they usually end up looking silver.

Can I buy quantities different from those you list on the website?

Sorry, no. Our sparklers are pre-packaged in the quantities you see on our website. But sparklers are so inexpensive, that if you have any leftovers you can have fun with them at your next outdoor party, on New Year's Eve, and July 4th. They will keep for years as long as you keep them dry in their original packaging.

Sparkler Sizes

Why are there different sparkler sizes?

Sparkler sizes were created to control the burn time.

*Note: because #36 burns the longest it is considered the most suitable for Sparkler Sendoffs.

What size sparkler should I get?

#36 Gold for most weddings. And #36's for ALL weddings where you want to stage a sparkler sendoff at the end of the night.

On the other hand, If you just want to hand out sparklers for fun, and are not going to be setting up a sparkler sendoff, or don't care too much about getting killer photos, shorter sparklers will be fine. Short sparklers are also good for kids to use, for creating sparkler writing with your photographer, or for wedding favors.

Which size is the best for our sparkler sendoff (exit)?

#36 Gold, because it's the only one which you can be sure will burn long enough to setup and stage the whole sparkler sendoff.

Shorter sparklers can work, too, especially if you have a very small number of people. But for the classic sparkler send off (two parallel lines of guests holding sparklers) if you use shorter sparklers, you run the risk they will burn out before the sendoff is done.

I am concerned that #36 sparklers are too long.

That is a common concern, especially if you have never had to set up a sparkler sendoff.

Here's what has to happen to create a successful sendoff:
  • Get guests outside and lined up.
  • Get bride and groom inside and ready to exit.
  • Hand out one sparkler to each guest.
  • Get every guest's sparkler lit and still burning at the same time.
  • Bride and groom exit through sparkler line.
  • They stop and pose for photos.
  • They complete their exit to their car, pumpkin, or coach.
You need all the time you can get to pull this off. And shorter sparklers are often burned out long before the photos start. And that can make the whole sendoff kinda wimpy looking.

Keep in mind that #36 sparklers are also the safest to use because their handles are longer, and that keeps the fire further away from you and everybody else. They can be held higher in the air, way up above the bride and groom and other guests.

I want to save money. Should I get the smaller sparklers?

You might be able to save a few bucks with shorter sparklers. Sometimes they can look just fine (but definitely not every time). But you just can't be as certain of pulling off a fun, gorgeous sparkler sendoff using sparklers that may well burn out before the bride and groom have done their sparkler walk.

Sparklers may be the lowest cost item in your whole wedding. And yet their visual impact creates a unique, exciting, fun, beautiful and romantic way to end the night. You just don't get that to happen when the newlyweds simply walk out the door and into a car. Or when a few people stand around holding a few small sparklers.

Safety, Legality

What should I know about sparkler safety?

Great question. The most important thing to know is that sparklers burn really, really hot. Around 1800 degrees F. They are much hotter than matches or cigarette lighters.

Be sure that lines of people using them stand at least 6-10 feet across from each other. Do not wave them around or near people. Do not touch people or clothing with them. Do not drop burning or seemingly spent sparklers onto dry grass, leaves, or any other combustible material. Have a safe way to dispose of them--we recommend sticking them into buckets with sand in the bottom. They do remain very hot, even after they look like they are completely burned out.

The safest way to light them is using windproof butane lighters. The next safest way is to use sparklers to light sparklers. Be careful and do not wave them around when you are lighting other people's sparklers. And don't let children throw them.

I am worried about starting a fire.

Sparklers are fine as long as you hold them in the air until they burn out, and then dispose of them in buckets of sand or water. Do not drop lit or spent sparklers on the ground.

Do I need to ask my wedding reception venue for permission to use sparklers?

Always ask the owner or manager of the property if it's okay to use sparklers. Most venues have used them before and understand how it's done. Be sure and check with them before you order from us.

What is the safest way to dispose of burned out sparklers?

Metal buckets with at least 6 inches of sand in the bottom are perfect.

These make safe buckets for disposing of burned out sparklers, plus you can reuse them for flowers and dried arrangements later on.

Lighting and Using Sparklers

Do you have instructions on how to use sparklers in a wedding?

Absolutely. Start with this article:

What is the best way to light sparklers?

See this video:

What if it rains or snows?

Once they are lit, sparklers will keep burning even in the wind, snow or mild rain. Just keep them dry until you are ready to light them. Find a covered area outside, such as porch, and light them there.

How long do sparklers burn?

Will the sparklers stay lit long enough for everyone to get lit up and have time for photos?

#36 sparklers will. Each one is made so that it will stay lit long enough for all your guests to be lit up at the same time, and to still have time for poses and photos. If you use smaller sparklers (#20s or #14s), you will need to give each person 2-3 sparklers each. The short ones tend to burn out before the sendoff is completed. So your guests will have to light more of them themselves (which can be a problem for some folks). And this inevitably results in fewer sparklers all burning at the same time, and noticeably less visual impact and excitement (because people are distracted by having to light more sparklers in the middle of the action).

What should we do with the burned out sparklers?

Before the sparkler sendoff, set up metal buckets with at least 6 inches of sand in them behind where your guests will be standing. When you hand the sparklers out to them, be sure and tell them to shove the burned out sparklers down into the sand in the buckets.

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