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#36 Wedding Sparklers - perfect for weddings, parties, and all celebrations

These are 35-inch long premium wedding sparklers. They are the longest burning and last about 190 seconds. They are double dipped and nearly twice as thick as our other wedding sparklers. This means they last much longer and provide the largest, most brilliant "sparkle" effect of any sparkler on the market today.  Since they burn for nearly 3 minutes, you will have time to get perfect wedding photos. Use a windproof lighter or another sparkler to ignite the black, easy-light tip (matches usually don’t work to light sparklers). For weddings, you should always use steel wire sparklers like these, which create the least amount of smoke and will not drop ashes on wedding guests and clothes.  Because of their long burn time you don’t have to worry about using them up to quickly. You’ll only need 1 to 2 #36 wedding sparklers per guest without fear.  They are the perfect inexpensive choice for weddings, parties and celebrations.

Windproof Wedding Sparkler Lighter with Stand (1 each)
Wedding Sparkler Lighter - Windproof with Stand - 1 Each
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Fastest, Easiest Way to Light Wedding Sparklers
Guaranteed to light your wedding sparklers in wind, rain, or snow!

This is a windproof lighter designed to light wedding sparklers in any weather. Its Blue Jet flame is hot and powerful enough to light any sparkler in a second or two.
That means, even if you have 100 people holding sparklers, you can light them all up within 30 seconds. Which means their sparklers will still be burning by the time you two are ready to pose for the most beautiful pictures of your night.
Order about one lighter for every ten guests. You won’t need any more than that.
SPARKLER SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: Sparklers can only be shipped by ground using FedEx.  For legal reasons, they cannot be shipped by air.  This means no next day nor 2nd day delivery is available.
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